Introductory Word of the Rector of Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL)

Dear colleagues,

The rapid development of technologies and the program “Digital economy of the Russian Federation”[1] under implementation evoke a need for the scientific research in the legal regulation of the newly emerging groups of social relations.

The international research and practical journal “Law and Digital Economy” was established with the aim to draw the attention of the leading experts and researchers to the legal aspects of digitalization of the economy. The research project is implemented by the Kutafin Moscow State University (MSAL) in collaboration with the Association of Russia’s Lawyers and the Association of Russian Diplomats. The new edition devoted to legal support and development of a methodology for legal regulation of relations in the digital sphere is aimed at the expert analysis of legislation and corresponding judicial practice in this domain.

The journal will also account for the aspects related to professional education and training of specialists who will be directly involved in the implementation of the digital economy program and carry out legal activities under conditions of digitalization of public relations. As always, the staffing problem still remains the cornerstone in the implementation of any specific trend of state policy. The Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL) is among the educational institutions to carry out the training of researchers in legal regulation of the digital economy.

The new journal is positioned as a printed periodical dedicated to the aspects of legal regulation of the digital economy in Russia and other countries issued in Russian and English.  The anticipated circle of readers is rather diverse – from staff and students of law universities in Russia and other countries to state officials and law practitioners in the sphere of regulation of the digital economy, entrepreneurial and corporate law, small and medium business; research professionals, PhD and Master students as well as anyone  interested in the aspects and challenges of developing legal regulation of the digital economy.

The Editorial board includes Russia’s leading specialists in law and information technologies, intellectual property rights, and competition and entrepreneurial law,  and also field experts from Germany, Switzerland, India and China.

The journal is intended to enforce and develop the research and expert-analytical collaboration between the Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL) and the leading research centers in other countries, and academic and public interest organizations involved in enhancing legal regulation in the market of digital technologies. Our journal is the pioneering specialized legal edition dedicated to this subject in Russia, which undoubtedly makes it beneficial and unique among other legal periodicals.  We hope that the edition will become a platform for discussion of the most challenging aspects of legal regulation in the sphere of digital economy, being the key sphere in the innovative development of Russia.

Sincere regards,

Viktor Blazheev 

Rector of Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL)

Honorary Lawyer of the Russian Federation

[1] Order of the Government of the Russian Federation of 28 July 2017 N 1632-р On Approval of the Program “Digital economy of the Russian Federation” //Collected legislation of the Russian Federation  07.08.2017, N 32, art. 5138