Review of the actual issue

The second issue of the 2019 journal of law and digital economy was publishedю

Pavel V. Samolysov Factors increaing competitivness of the russian information and communication technologies

The Article raises questions whose solution will help not only to develop the digital economy and to establish new legal relations but also help to implement the State policy on competition promotion in the high-tech sector of economy. It also defines the key directions of further improving of the Russian regulation of the digital economy.

Svetlana I. Kodaneva Prospects and risks of personal data protection in the context of the dynamic development of the digital economy

The fast development of digital technologies raises the question of compliance of legal regulation with modern realities. Thus, the protection of personal data in the digital economy is becoming increasingly important. The article is devoted to the analysis of the legislation of the Russian Federation on personal data in relation to blockchain, big data and Internet of things technologies.

Elena G. Kuropatskaya The impact of economy digitalization on intellectual property

The article analyzes the development of legal relations in the digital environment and determines the impact of technology onthe new items of intellectual propertysubject to legal protection. Referring to the experience of European countries, the authors analyze changes in the European Union legislation in the field of copyright protection and draw conclusions about the future of the «free Internet”.

Alexey A. Maksurov, Bitcoin as a kind of cryptocurrency

The article considers the categories of ‘blockchain’ and ‘mining’, the problems of legal regulation of crypto-currencies and tokens in Russia and other countries. The material may be of interest as one of the first economic and legal studies on the subject.

Mikhail Y. Bukharov, Topical Issues of Law Support in the Use of a Blockchain Technology in Remote Banking Servicing

The article describes topical issues of law support in the use of a blockchain technology in remote banking servicing. Particularly, an attention is paid to analysis of acts of strategic planning, Federal law, legal acts of the Central Bank of Russia regarding remote banking servicing (hereinafter – RBS) and projects of Federal laws regulating a blockchain technology and a distributed ledger system. A conclusion is made about reasonability of adopting a unified legal act of the Central Bank of Russia that regulates RBS. Within the study of using a blockchain technology in the banking sector the definition of a blockchain technology and peculiarities of its use in RBS are formulated. The necessity of developing a standard in using blokchain technologies was noted, particularly in the banking sector.

Oleg A. Gerasimov Private-Law Means of Ensuring the Efficiency of Legal Regulation of Entrepreneurial Activities in the Sphere of Communications

The article presents the analysis of private-law means of ensuring the efficiency of legal regulation of entrepreneurial activities in the sphere of communications. On the results of the research the author makes a conclusion that the normative material regulating the entrepreneurial activities in the sphere of communications is to be found in the complex legislative act. Minor place in this act is given to civil-law norms but they really help to regulate social relationships. Thus, they cannot be regarded as inefficient.